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Every day, millions use digital and social channels to find answers, comfort, and distraction. When they find spiritual content, a Gospel presentation or discipleship content we share, they’re given the opportunity to connect with an Online Missionary.

Online Missionaries are real people ready to help them learn about Jesus, answer their spiritual questions, and grow in their faith.

Requirements to Become an Online Missionary

An Online Missionary lives out God’s Mission every day. We seek people who are eager to share the beauty and the hope found in Jesus Christ with people all over the world.

Online Missionaries must:

How to Become an Online Missionary

If this is you…

…we invite you to partner with Global Media Outreach in taking the Gospel to the ends of the Earth!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Online Missionary?

An Online Missionary is a volunteer who responds to the people who have viewed a Global Media Outreach Gospel ad and submitted contact information with a question or concern.

What is the time commitment for an Online Missionary?

Most volunteers dedicate 3-5 hours each week to their ministry. Since the scope of this work is flexible in its nature, volunteers can choose their daily involvement at their own convenience. We ask that you check your PATH inbox for any incoming messages once per day.

Is theological training required?

Although many of our Online Missionaries do have a theological background, no formal education is required. Our volunteers come from all walks of life. All you need is an active, dedicated, and stable relationship with Jesus Christ as your personal Savior. You must have the ability to clearly communicate your faith with others in writing and have a working knowledge of the Bible.

Is training provided to become an Online Missionary?

We want to provide you with all the training you need to be confident in your role as a volunteer. We offer training on a variety of topics including:

  • Your role as an Online Missionary
  • Best response practices when communicating with Seekers
  • Security best practices when communicating online
  • How to use our secure response system (PATH)
  • History of Global Media Outreach
  • Utilizing resources provided by GMO with your Contacts
  • Discipleship training (creating a plan for discipleship and tracking spiritual growth)

We use multiple methods for training including E-Learning, virtual practice scenarios, microlearning experiences, video, documentation, and Virtual Instructor Led sessions. Before beginning to reply to live Contacts, you will receive individualized instruction and feedback on practice messages you complete with an experienced leader. You will have access to your leaders and the Online Missionary Help Desk for questions and guidance throughout your time as an Online Missionary.

How is communication done with Contacts?

Global Media Outreach has a secure software system (called PATH) that allows Online Missionaries to communicate through Facebook, WhatsApp, email, and other online platforms. Volunteers communicate exclusively through the digital response system (PATH) with those who have submitted contact information. Personal social media accounts are not necessary.

How is my personal information used?

Communication with Contacts is never done through your personal email account. Your email account is used only to access our secure system (PATH) and receive notifications from Global Media Outreach.

Will my identity be protected while I’m working online?

Your security is extremely important to Global Media Outreach. All outside communication is done strictly through our secure digital response system (PATH) so we can ensure that your information is not shared with anyone else.

What happens if I get a question I don’t feel equipped to answer? Or asks a question about suicide or something very serious?

We want you to feel prepared and equipped to answer questions your Contacts have. GMO provides hundreds of resources and websites to help you research and answer questions from your Contacts. All Online Missionaries have an experienced leader who is available to help with responses, questions, or best practices.

We understand that there will be cases in which you do not feel comfortable or equipped to assist a Contact with serious concerns. GMO has Specialty Communities of Online Missionaries who specialize in handling difficult questions and circumstances such as depression, abuse, suicide, difficult theological questions, and more. Online Missionaries are free to reassign Contacts to these Specialty Communities of Online Missionaries anytime.

How can I become an Online Missionary?

Complete the application form.

What is involved in the application process? What are the steps?

Begin by filling out the application at Please be ready to provide the name and email addresses of two references. You will be asked to share your written testimony as well as a Gospel presentation you would share with a Seeker.

How long is the training process? How long does it take to become an OM?

Training is done in three phases. In total, training typically lasts about 6 weeks.
  1. PHASE ONE: The first phase is a two-week period working on the Onboarding E-Learning course which explains the background of Global Media Outreach, how our response system (PATH) works, best response practices, and current policies. The course provides opportunities for you to view examples of conversations and identify the best responses.
  2. PHASE TWO: The second and third phases take place over the next four weeks in a Training Community under the supervision of a Training Community Leader. Your Leader will help you through the process of learning how to compose effective replies as you receive and respond to Practice Messages.
  3. PHASE THREE: During the final phase, when you are ready, you will start responding to Live Contacts under supervision. Upon graduation you will be placed in a permanent community of OMs.

What kind of continuous support and training do you offer?

It is important to GMO that you feel connected and supported in your role as an Online Missionary. All Online Missionaries are placed in virtual communities, led by a Community Leader, that exist for continuous guidance and support. Along with the support you receive from your Community Leader,, GMO provides ongoing support with monthly Online Missionary Helpful Hint videos, announcements, resources, Online Missionary newsletters, and various other means of communication and support.

Do I have a coach to help me?

Yes, every Online Missionary is placed into a community of other Online Missionaries led by an experienced Community Leader. Your Community Leader is available for help, guidance, and encouragement and is a great source of wisdom and support for you in your ministry.

How do you ensure what is being shared is doctrinally sound and appropriate?

All communications with Contacts are recorded within our secure PATH system. Any emails that are exchanged between you and your Community Leader are also sent to senior leaders at GMO.

How do OMs handle controversial/denominational issues like tongues, tribulation, baptism, etc.?

We have online missionaries from many different churches who speak online with people from a variety of backgrounds. We want to be consistent in teaching new and young believers, and prefer to avoid areas of disagreement that are not part of communicating the Gospel.

Because of the potentially divisive nature of the issue of speaking in tongues, and because it is not essential in communicating the Gospel, we ask that our volunteers who believe they have the gift of tongues not to promote the gift.

We believe the Holy Spirit is received in full at the moment someone becomes a believer. We ask that you not teach that a second Baptism is required to receive spiritual gifts, since it is not needed to spread the gospel.

Some people believe that we are promised divine healing. We receive a large volume of email from contacts dealing with illness, and do not want young believers to blame themselves if they are not healed. If you join us as an Online Missionary, we would ask that you not tell contacts that their physical ailments will always be healed if they pray with enough faith.

Are you affiliated with a particular denomination and its doctrine?

We are a non-denominational organization and have Online Missionaries from many different denominations. All staff and volunteers with Global Media Outreach must agree to our Statement of Faith which can be viewed HERE.

What kind of technical skills do I need to have?

As our ministry is digital, basic computer skills are necessary to volunteer effectively. We provide training on our PATH response system. Most importantly, you must be flexible and patient, as we know technology does not always behave as we’d like.

What happens if I am going on vacation or I’m sick?

We ask that you notify your leader and enter your time away within our PATH system. This allows us to continue communicating with your Contacts in your absence so they are not left waiting.

How does Global Media Outreach connect with people around the world?

Ads are placed on social media and websites worldwide, including countries that are hostile to the Gospel. When someone clicks on an ad, they see a Gospel presentation and are then given the opportunity to have someone contact them. An Online Missionary receives this information and begins a conversation to help them learn about Jesus, how forgiveness and salvation are found in Him, and answer any other question they might have pertaining to the ad they saw.

We look forward to having you join the GMO mission!