An Unchanged Mission

Since 2004, Global Media Outreach has been committed to a singular mission: leveraging technology to invite all people to know Jesus Christ as Savior and grow in a personal relationship with Him. Take a look at some of our biggest milestones.


Global Media Outreach (GMO) is born with a driving question: “What if we can reach 1 billion people with the Gospel by 2020?”


Online ads explode, proving the power of Gospel advertising on the Internet. GMO creates a secure response system for volunteers to safely communicate with people responding to Gospel presentations.


Within 5 years, GMO shares the Gospel with 66 million people across 14 languages. More than 10 million people decide to follow Christ.


Over 100 million people indicate decisions of salvation through Jesus.


A vision becomes a reality. Six years ahead of schedule, GMO presents the Gospel to 1 billion people.


Global Media Outreach becomes YouVersion’s largest referral partner, resulting in more than 430,000 downloads of the Bible app.


GMO hits double the original goal, reaching 2 billion people with the Gospel.


GMO acquires the online ministry Explore God, vastly increasing the amount of Gospel content geared toward younger generations and Americans.

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