Global Media Outreach

Meeting People at
Their Point of Need

Right now, all over the world, people are struggling with abuse, anxiety, depression, loneliness, and self-doubt. Many of us know all too well what it’s like to question if we’re deserving of love.

Over the years, we’ve learned time and again that the Holy Spirit prompts people to reach out for help at their greatest moment of need. Our goal is to ensure that when they turn to the Internet in search of answers, guidance, and hope, they find the truth of the Gospel.

Reaching Everyone,
Everywhere, Every Day

These needs transcend language barriers. That’s why Global Media Outreach shares the Gospel in 13 languages.

Our Language Team leaders ensure our content and advertisements remain culturally relevant to each unique audience.

Partner with Global Media Outreach

Everyone deserves the chance to start their own relationship with God. We reach wide to help others grow deep in their faith.

If you’d like to support Global Media Outreach’s mission to invite all people to know Jesus Christ as Savior and grow in a relationship with Him, you can donate today.