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Wrapped in Love – Christmas Poem

Wrapped In Love poem

The holidays can be a difficult time for some. Loneliness, grief and difficulties can overshadow the joy you are supposed to feel during this season of the year. However, the Bible tells us we have a reason to hope and have joy regardless of our circumstances. Because of Jesus’s birth and resurrection, we have the hope of eternal life with Him, free of suffering, sin and pain.

This Christmas poem was created with the intention of focusing on Jesus’s birth and why we celebrate the impact it has on all who believe in Him. In “Wrapped in Love,” you will:

  • View Jesus from His mother’s perspective
  • Celebrate His humble birth
  • Refocus your heart on the true meaning behind Christmas

With this free poem, you’ll rediscover the joy and meaning of Christmas and the significance of this day. We hope it helps you get into the Christmas spirit. Take a moment to reflect and share with others so that they, too, may experience the true meaning of Christmas.

Share the hope that Jesus’s birth brought to all mankind.

Sometimes, we all need a little help resetting our mindsets and reclaiming the true meaning of Christmas. With this free download, you’ll be reminded of that first Christmas and how it took place in a quiet stable filled with animals. You will refresh your perspective so your actions can reflect the true joy of life in Christ.

“Wrapped in Love” can make all the difference in your outlook today and for Christmases to come. As you reconnect with the God of all hope, you will come away with a renewed heart, mind and spirit in Christ!

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