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The Key to Finding Happiness

Are we designed to be happy?

Are we designed as humans to attain happiness, or is it only a temporary feeling? The world tells us to follow our hearts and desires to find happiness, security, success and peace. However, the Bible tells us that we should expect difficulties in this life but to take heart because God has overcome the world. While power, success, and popularity bring temporary happiness, they can disappear or feel empty, especially if we lose our position or others surpass our accomplishments, leave us or sin against us.

As believers, we live in between the tension to serve others and gratify our desires. However, nothing we do can measure up to the joy Jesus wants to pour into our lives and the true happiness we experience walking with Him. 

Today, you have the opportunity to discover joy in the One who invented it. Be encouraged and share this guide with the people in your life who need Jesus, the source of never-ending life.

With this free digital guide, you’ll discover why God’s plan for our happiness far exceeds all our hopes and plans. The Key to Finding Happiness guide is a resource of Explore God, a Global Media Outreach ministry. For more information, please visit

Energize your outlook by resting in Christ!

As you read “The Key to Finding Happiness,” you’ll be equipped to:

  • Understand how moral improvement can increase happiness
  • Take comfort in God’s divine plan for your life
  • Discover how our worldviews shape our understanding of joy
  • Explore how holiness leads to happiness
  • Share with others how our instincts, appetites and thirst for pleasure are distorted.

We can all benefit from drawing close to God and meditating on His Word. With this free guide, you’ll redefine true happiness, learning how to align your heart and actions with that of Christ.

God designed happiness and it is available to all.

This guide leads you through how God’s perfect design for our happiness was distorted by us, but how He still desires today to flood our lives with His inexplicable joy. With these tips, you’ll be able to:

Renew your perspective.
Discover and share the truth about happiness.

Resist wrong beliefs
Learn how being obedient to the Lord brings happiness.

Recharge your spirit.
God wants to flood our days with His joy. Find out how.

“The Key to Finding Happiness” can make all the difference in your understanding of God’s design for happiness and how you can have it today and for years to come. The more obedient we are to Christ, the more likely we are to experience true happiness.

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