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When You Die, Are You Going to Heaven or Not?

As part of our Reach America campaigns, you may have seen one of our Heaven or Not ads on television recently. We are airing ads on dozens of channels and programs such as ESPN, Fox News, “Entertainment Tonight,” “Dr. Phil," "Divorce Court,” “Wheel of Fortune” and many more.
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As you know, America’s Christian population is shrinking and has been for decades. According to a study by the Pew Research Center, as of 2020, only 64% of Americans identify as Christian. Fifty years ago, that number was 90% (! The need to Reach America is tremendous and growing daily. 

That’s why we have developed targeted English and Spanish advertising to reach those living in the United States. This includes many diverse initiatives like working with influencers, TV, commercials, social media advertising and our Heaven or Not campaign currently running on TV and a digital billboard. However, as we look at the rise in crime, depression rates and suicides in the U.S., we see the need for Jesus everywhere we look.



Digital technology enables Global Media Outreach (GMO) to attract U.S. seekers like Jessica and Charlie to the hope of Jesus. Through our Heaven or Not ads across various television programs and time zones, we can cast seeds around the globe, giving people like Charlie multiple opportunities to hear a Gospel presentation and find the peace that comes from a relationship with Jesus.


“What if I feel so sorry for sinning as proclaimed by the 10 Commandments even after accepting Jesus Christ? Does Jesus know how sorry I am and that I really want to be in heaven after my life ends?”​
— Charlie
“Thank you for being here. I believe in Jesus, yet I’m still terrified of death. I’m scared of losing my mom, who’s 86 years old. It would change my entire life if I weren’t scared of this.”
— Jessica
Every day, GMO answers these types of questions and addresses these types of fears, leading people to a saving knowledge of Jesus and an assurance in their relationship with Him. 
Because of you, in the U.S. this year through all our campaigns like Heaven or Not and Explore God, 14,518,745 people have heard a Gospel presentation, 449,690 have indicated a decision for Christ and 68,736 have connected for more information about Jesus. However, so many still have yet to hear the Gospel. 
To help  more people like Charlie and Jessica discover the eternal hope of a relationship with Christ, you can give to Global Media Outreach below.

Would you like to help others find eternal hope through a personal relationship with Christ? You can donate to Global Media Outreach to support online Gospel outreach!

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