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Under the Cloak of Secrecy

Fear consumed her as she grappled with the undeniable truth in her heart. The thought of her family discovering her newfound knowledge of Jesus filled her with terror and kept her hiding under a cloak of secrecy.
woman with a veiled face

Rimba was filled with fear. She knew in her heart that there was truth to what she was hearing, but she was terrified that her family would find out about her learning about Jesus. As she straightened her hijab, she felt like a traitor in her own home. How would her father react if he knew she was secretly learning about the Bible and the Gospel?

She knew others who had suffered greatly for such decisions, and yet she couldn’t help but feel there was more than the emptiness she felt surrounding her religion. As she forced herself to morning prayers with her family, she became more distressed. Nothing about their rituals felt comforting or right. She knew in her heart that the stirring she felt was calling her to something else.

Rimba went onto the Internet to search online for answers. Certain her father was wrong; she had quietly hidden in her room looking for answers on the Internet. There she found Global Media Outreach, where she met her online missionary, June.

Rimba loved their interactions. She was learning so much from the Scriptures and devotionals she received. Each time she and June wrote to each other, she learned something new. Just recently, June had explained that Jesus loved her so much he died for her sins.

However, Rimba was terrified her father would kill her if he knew she wanted to trust Jesus as her Savior.

“I wear a Hijab and live with my family. I would like to receive Jesus, but my family is here and could kill me if I accept Him.”
— Rimba

June encouraged Rimba and assured her, saying, “You are my friend, and I will keep praying for you.”

“No, No. You torture me. I keep thinking of Jesus, and I don’t like it.”
— Rimba

June continued to message Rimba, reassuring her, sending Scripture, and praying for her. Weeks later, Rimba messaged June that she had a dream in which Jesus appeared to her in a white robe. His face was so bright, Rimba explained, that she couldn’t see. June asked Rimba if she would trust Jesus as her Savior.

“See Jesus invites you to come to Him. I am going to keep praying for you.”
— June

Rimba explained how desperately she wanted to but how afraid she was. Today, June and Rimba are still messaging back and forth as June disciples Rimba. June told us that Rimba is so close to coming to Christ. 

Through this outreach, women like Rimba are finding the courage to accept Christ despite the fear of being killed. They are being discipled and learning more about Jesus. So many times, it is a process of relationship and sharing through which a seeker understands and accepts Christ. 

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