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Looking for Love

It seemed those she loved the most were the ones to hurt her the worst, culminating in a betrayal of the worst kind.
Kasih - looking for love

Hot, angry tears roll down Kasih’s face. Her room reeks of alcohol and her boyfriend’s cologne, yet she can’t find the strength to move from the floor. What started out as a fun outing amongst friends turned out to be the night the person she loved the most betrayed her and stripped her of what she valued most.

As she lays motionless, lamenting the pain inflicted upon her, Kasih realizes she has never been truly loved. She starts to cry even harder.

It all started when she was seven years old and was sent away to a private school on a different island in her native Indonesia. For the next ten years, she rarely heard from her parents, all while her classmates couldn’t stop talking about how much love they felt from their families.

As she realizes more about what she lacks, her anxiety and depression grow and years of unrecognized neglect pile upon her.

Finding a small amount of strength, Kasih peels herself from the floor to search the Internet for how to find real love. She reaches out to a Global Media Outreach Online Missionary with this desperate message:

"I am alone, I want to end my life. I’m tired. I feel no use anymore, I have given up so much. I tell you this problem but it’s very hard, I don’t know how to share with anyone else…”
— Kasih, Indonesia


Kasih doesn’t know much about Christianity, but she is intrigued because Global Media Outreach was there at her point of need with a message that she was desperate for; a message of true love.

What began with a simple question of how to find true love has now turned into a trusting relationship between Kasih and her Online Missionary, Indah.


After months of encouragement, Kasih is beginning to understand the truth of the Gospel and has accepted Jesus as her personal Savior. What she searches for in sinful humans is freely available from a perfect God. What an amazing truth!
— Kasih, Indonesia


Along with her daily messages from Indah, weekly devotionals from GodLife lift Kasih up in the midst of her darkest days. In particular, a devotional on forgiveness affected her heart deeply as she remembered her estranged family and ex-boyfriend. 

The night she received this devotional, she spent hours on her knees, praying and calling out to the Lord, asking Him for His perfect grace to pour out on those who damaged her so profoundly. Through this heart change, Kasih is now in contact with her parents again and is building the trusting, loving relationship she has so long coveted.

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