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9/11 Firefighter Finds Freedom in Christ

He had trained for fires and emergencies; it was his job, but all around him looked like a warzone. It was like nothing he had ever seen.
firefighters battling a fire
Smoke and fire billowed out of the Pentagon. It was a surreal site. Todd’s mind grappled with what he was seeing. Another plane had flown into a third building. His country was under attack. He and his fellow firefighters went to work, barely acknowledging the shocking sight. They fought the flames and entered the burning building to rescue those inside.
Some horrors came with the job. Todd had known that not everyone could be saved. However, as a trained rescue professional, seeing death never got easier. This situation, however, was different. It was a catastrophic loss of life. It was the worst of conditions and the height of evil in humanity.
In the months and years that followed 9/11, Todd felt the fatigue of depression grow. Memories of that day and more loss of life on the job weighed heavily on him.
Then came the cancer diagnosis. Anger and bewilderment grew within as Todd tried to navigate illness on top of the post-traumatic stress disorder he was already working to overcome. He hit bottom. He couldn’t see a way out of the pain and began contemplating suicide.
As he looked online for answers, he saw a Global Media Outreach ad offering hope and healing. While Todd believed God existed, he was angry at Him. He couldn’t get past all the pain and suffering he’d experienced. Still, he felt prompted to click our Gospel ad and connect with an Online Missionary, James.
“I am truly trying but struggle to find happiness and a place where I can recover mentally and physically. I feel so bad inside.”
— Todd
James began sending Scriptures and devotionals to Todd, encouraging him to seek medical care. As the two corresponded and prayed with one another, Todd realized he did want to live. He shared with James that he was seeing a counselor and a psychiatrist to address his depression.
“I know you have been carrying a heavy load around with your career and all the health stuff going on the past year. Please don’t give up now. I know that you are hurting inside, but it will get better, and then you will be able to go out and help others.”
— James

Todd also took up bicycling, where he had long talks with God. He even began attending church with his family! He was happy to report that he had overcome cancer and was leading a Bible study for other struggling firefighters.

“You, James [GMO Online Missionary], have been a blessing to me for many years, and I appreciate your friendship.”
— Todd
Through this outreach, men like Todd are learning to trust Jesus to carry them through their darkest times and help others through theirs. Together, we are reaching wide with the love of Jesus and helping others grow deep in their relationship with Him. 
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