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Authentic You Campaign

What happens when the love of Jesus reaches someone struggling with their identity? Discover the exciting results with our Authentic You Campaign.
Authentic You Video

Recently we’ve been running a trilingual “Authentic You” Gospel video ad campaign in Portuguese, Spanish and English, using our GodLife, Explore God, and Explora Dios ministry brands. We helped to address the identity struggles experienced by Gen Z and Millennials, communicating the message that not only did God create them, but He desires a close and personal relationship with them.

The Authentic You Gospel video was a huge success, helping people understand that Jesus breaks down barriers to give us hope, purpose and the chance to live our authentic lives.

Our volunteer Online Missionaries answered questions from new contacts such as “Do you struggle to fit in with others?” and “Do you compare yourself with others?”

“My love and soulmate just passed away in front of my eyes. If God is loving, will He unite us again in heaven? It doesn’t seem very loving if He doesn't.”
— Kelly, United States

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