To The Ends Of The Earth

Fifteen years ago in a small, windowless, one-room office, a vision to “give everyone on earth multiple opportunities to know Jesus,” was born.

At the Lord’s leading, Walt Wilson left the security he knew in the business world to pursue the mission the Lord planted in his heart and formed Global Media Outreach. 

Today, through technology, and with partners like you, more than 220 million people have indicated a decision to follow Jesus.

In the span of 24 hours, Global Media Outreach:
Shares the Gospel with an average of 350,000 people searching for hope
• Sees some 50,000 people indicate a decision for Christ
Connects about 5,000 people to an online missionary for deeper discipleship

Through unceasing prayer, God’s abundant blessing, and your faithful support, Global Media Outreach is now an international ministry with 9 indigenous Language Response Teams around the world, making it possible to reach every nation with the Good News, regardless of repressive governments or persecution. Through the years, the Lord’s opened the doors to make our outreach possible. 

Thanks to His provision, we: 
• Work with 3,500 volunteer Online Missionaries who personally minister to people every day 
Use over 100 different websites to share the Gospel
Are finishing a new communication system to increase the quality of discipleship with people who reach out to the ministry 

In the last 12 months, almost 140 million people viewed a Gospel presentation–our largest outreach year since our founding. This year we will present the Gospel for the 2 billionth time. As exciting as all this has been, there is still a lot to do.

What does the future hold? 
 • For the first time, we are going to target a country and not just a language, or people group. We feel an increased burden to share Jesus with the lost in our own nation, so we are rolling out ‘Something Better’, a fresh new approach of sharing the love of Jesus in the United States.
This year we anticipate seeing over 1 million people downloading a digital Bible onto their digital devices.


• Through another new partnership, we are now connecting new believers directly to churches in China and India.
• A strategy to expand into other countries is in the works. 

As we quickly approach our 2 billionth Gospel milestone, we’re humbled by the way that the Lord has supplied every need, answered every prayer, and continues to open doors with like-minded partners to make our outreach even more effective.

As we go full speed into the next 15 years, there is so much more that needs to be done to give everyone on earth multiple opportunities to know Jesus – millions more Gospel presentations, deeper seeker engagements, richer discipleship experiences.

Time is running out, and we need to pickup the pace. We are geared up, and have the infrastructure to reach 2 million people a day. The Lord has been faithful, and we trust He will continue making an impact for years to come through Global Media Outreach. 

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