Looking back... and looking ahead

IMPACT. A six letter word that encapsulates everything God has done through Global Media Outreach over the last 15 years. 

He’s impacted billions searching here on Earth. He’s impacted millions of eternities. And He’s impacted lives of people like you who have given their time, resources and efforts to the ministry. 

To help you better understand just how broad the impact of Global Media Outreach has been, we’ve spent the last few months gathering stories from every year of the ministry that show God’s active hand in each decision we have made and victory we have experienced. 

The result is a fascinating ‘15th Anniversary eBook’ that uncovers the previously untold story of our beginnings and explores the growth of Global Media Outreach from a variety of exciting and unique perspectives. 

How can you get your hands on this special eBook? We’re planning on releasing it early this spring, so make sure to look out for it in your email. If you’re not sure you’re signed up to receive our emails, visit, http://bit.ly/GMO15th to submit your information so you don’t miss out on this exciting resource! 

We can’t wait to share what God has done and the vision He’s given us for the future through this special publication.