Winter 2019 Newsletter

Technology Opens Doors

The Gatestone Institute, a not-for-profit international policy council, released a report which stated the following: “Persecution of Christians is worse today “than at any time in history...and Iraq happens to be ‘ground zero’ for the elimination of Christians from the pages of history.” This same report said that 81 percent of Iraqi Christians have disappeared from their country. You’re probably wondering, can the Gospel just vanish?

Good news: it doesn’t.

Technology changes everything; even how we share the Gospel with people in hard-to-reach countries like the Middle East and other parts of the world where persecution runs rampant. The numbers of Christians leaving Iraq can be discouraging, but the Lord is still moving in great and mighty ways for His church. A revival is happening among these nations. Our Arabic language director gave some insight on how technology is a critical tool in sharing the Gospel in hard-to-reach countries: 

“The Middle East is a very restricted region when it comes to religious freedom other than Islam...the local church is also non-existent in most areas. Technology makes it possible for God’s Word to become accessible to people no matter where they are. They can engage with it without putting themselves in danger. Technology also helps organizations like Global Media Outreach bypass government restriction  and be available in places where Christians physically cannot be.”

The Bible shows us that persecution of Christians will get worse before the end, but one thing remains sovereign: the goodness and faithfulness of the Lord.

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