Spring 2017 Newsletter

Proclaiming His Freedom

For thirteen years, Myra and her family searched for a cure. Her dad spent thousands of Indian rupees taking her to temples, doctors, magicians, priests and mosques. No matter the amount of rituals performed and medications prescribed, the demon that tormented Myra did not leave her alone. 

Having heard from a school friend that Jesus could help her, Myra turned to the Internet to look for answers. That Internet search led to a three-year conversation with her Online Missionary, Paul, whom she now calls her ‘spiritual dad.’ On the fourth day of communication and several emails later, Myra accepted Jesus and the demon immediately vanished. 

Since Myra's decision to follow Jesus, her family has turned away from their Hindu faith and also gave their hearts to Jesus. 

Paul recently shared,

"[Myra has] read the [New Testament] 30 times and the Bible 3 times… She is getting baptized and they are going to have regular worship services in their house... several Hindu families are now trusting Christ and coming together in houses three to four times a week to sing praises to the Lord." 

Thanks to your support, Myra and her family have come to know the saving grace and healing power of Jesus, paving the way for other families in their community to surrender their lives to the Lord and proclaim His everlasting freedom. 

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