Winter 2018 Newsletter

The Last Shall Be First

With death knocking on his door, 84-year-old Jose felt like he had lived it all and seen it all, but God was not done with him. The uncertainty of the surgery that would treat his cancer made him wonder if there was any purpose left at the end of the road.

With no one to provide answers to his questions about eternity in his little town of Murcia, Spain, he turned to the Internet.Though not very tech-savvy, Jose managed to come across a GodLife website which mentioned that Jesus was the only way to the Father. As his vision started failing him, his Online Missionary, Alicia, sent Jose a Bible and used video conference calls in order to read devotionals to Jose instead. Two years after his first message from Alicia, Jose accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior and decided to get rid of all the statues he worshiped.

Last year, Jose’s health began to deteriorate to the point that he could no longer walk or speak. This didn’t stop Alicia from faithfully connecting with Jose and his wife to encourage them with prayer. Although Jose was too weak to speak, his wife shared that Jose was always attentive and understood the discipleship material. 

On their last video call, the Lord gave Jose the strength to say words that will forever remain with Alicia:

I am leaving, grateful to God for having placed that webpage where I was able to meet you. I love you and keep you in my heart.

Days after, when Alicia called again, she learned that Jose went home to be with the Lord the morning after their last call. Alicia still connects with Jose's wife to share the Word.

Though Jose was never able to attend a physical church, it was your support that made it possible to share Jesus with him, grow him in his faith and properly send him off to be with Jesus. Today, we can be sure that he is rejoicing with the Lord for all eternity. 

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