Saved from Addiction

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A wrecked life

The overwhelming smell of gasoline jolted Tiago back to life and sent him into a panic. Blood came streaming down his face and he was overcome with fear as he struggled to free himself from his mangled car.

Up until that point, Tiago was completely convinced that everything that happened to him was under his control. The success in his life and career made him feel like nothing could ever go wrong. He was prideful and arrogant.

All of those feelings were crushed at the same instant he got into the accident. Lying in the wreckage gave Tiago clear proof that he had no control over his next breath, so he became determined to find the one in control.

As he lay in a hospital bed recovering from his injuries, Tiago spent a lot of time thinking about God. Throughout his whole life, he thought of God as just a ‘legend,’ but with his near-death experience weighing heavily on his heart, he was ready to take God seriously.

This thinking led to an Internet search on his phone, which landed him on a Global Media Outreach Gospel Presentation. He submitted a question and connected with Fernando, an Online Missionary and his new Christian friend.

Turning a corner

Thanks to discipleship from Fernando, Tiago learned about the claims of Jesus Christ and what He had done for him. He surrendered the sins in his life – including marijuana addiction, anger, and pride – and experienced the true gift of grace following repentance.

At the end of the 30-Day NextSteps discipleship course, Tiago confidently told Fernando he had a new life and began walking in a completely new way.

His marijuana addiction was supernaturally healed and his attitude shifted from a self-centered one to a selfless one. Although the car accident was the scariest moment of his life, it was exactly what Tiago needed in order to find the Lord.

“The truth is, yes I was at a stage feeling so capable of everything,” Tiago said. “But then I suffered the accident and I lost the life I thought I had. I felt a huge lack of who to ask for help. Then God rescued me showing me the truth. I now understand that He is what I was lacking for my recipe to life. Now, I always look to the Gospel for learning.”

Without a trusted Christian friend to confide in and learn from, we don’t know what would have happened to Tiago. But your support made it possible to share the gift of the Lord in a faithful and meaningful way.

“Thank you for being my friend, and I am very glad to talk to you...” Tiago said. “Thank you for paying attention to my outbursts, because without you, there would be no one to tell all this.”

To help more people like Tiago find true joy and rest in the Lord, make your best gift today.


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