Winnet: When the World’s out to Get You

Global Media Outreach Staff - 2 min


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Sometimes it feels like the world is out to get you. Winnet, a single 38-year-old woman from South Africa, felt that way when she reached out to connect with an Online Missionary.

Winnet’s son had an accident while cycling, and her brother was bumped by a car. To add to her stress, she had financial troubles. Working full-time as a housemaid from Sunday to Sunday, Winnet hardly got any rest. When she did, she had to fight away thoughts of what might happen to her mother, who was battling cancer.

The doctors gave them a good report and they thought the fight was over, but the cancer came back. Winnet felt hopeless and needed to talk with Christians who could keep her focused on God's power instead of her problems.

She connected with Susan, her Online Missionary, and finally had someone to talk to. Susan was able to use God's word to give Winnet strength. Now, Winnet feels like Susan is part of her family because she prays for her and helps her grow day-to-day.

Winnet sends Susan her prayer requests and she's learning how to deal with stress. In all situations, she knows she must seek God for guidance and trust Him for provision.

Now, Winnet is ready to meet local Christians and find a church. Winnet expressed her gratitude for the GodLife devotionals she receives each week. She now knows she is “free through forgiveness” and can live with hope.


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