GMO Exceeds Evangelism Goals


More Than 300 Million Gospel Presentations In 2013

PLANO, Texas (January 23, 2014) —Global Media Outreach exceeded its goal for 2013 by making more than 300 million Gospel presentations, including making more than 2 million in one day.

“I understand Jesus is the Lord, and my heart is hungry for Him,” wrote Mugabe from Nigeria. Mugabe saw just one of the over 300 million Global Media Outreach Gospel presentations in 2013.

“Across the world, so many people are searching or open to the message that God loves them. Billions of people are in need of a Savior. By God’s grace, many people are finding hope and salvation in Jesus,” said Nick Runyon, chief operating officer at Global Media Outreach.

In addition to 300 million Gospel presentations, 34 million people indicated a decision to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior through Global Media Outreach sites. “The significance of these numbers are staggering. We are seeing God use technology, particularly mobile phones, as an incredibly effective way to reach the world,” said Walt Wilson, founder and chairman of Global Media Outreach.

A total of 326,353,266 Gospel presentations were made through Global Media Outreach sites in 2013. From those presentations, 34,833,442 people indicated a decision to follow Jesus Christ—just like Mugabe.

The ministry is equipped with online missionaries who are celebrating at the news of this milestone. These dedicated volunteers allow Global Media Outreach to not only present the Gospel, but to follow up and disciple any visitor who needs help in their walk with God. More than 13 million visits were made to Global Media Outreach’s discipleship sites in 2013.

The impact of Global Media Outreach’s work led ROI Ministry, Inc. to name Global Media Outreach as one of the top 10 most impactful Christian organizations—for the second year in a row.

The ministry isn’t stopping its work anytime soon. Their eyes are now set on the 2014 goal: 400 million Gospel presentations.

Global Media Outreach will continue sharing the Gospel and discipling millions of new believers by equipping them with the tools to grow spiritually. To see live tracking of people all over the globe visiting Global Media Outreach sites and being exposed to the Gospel, visit For more information about becoming an online missionary, visit

About Global Media Outreach
Global Media Outreach’s  vision is to give every person on earth multiple opportunities to accept Jesus Christ – see hundreds of millions receive Him – build them in the faith and connect them to Christian communities in every country. GGlobal Media Outreach uses the Internet, mobile devices and social media in multiple languages to share the Good News of Jesus Christ across the globe. For more information about Global Media Outreach, visit

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