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Samuel did not have a happy childhood. Poverty dictated the way he was going to live the rest of his life. He became exposed to a world of gambling and drugs at the early age of seven years old. “I started gambling when I was 7 years, I later became a thief…. was a marijuana and cigarette smoker…[and] later became addicted to drugs and cocaine.” The only adult in his life was his grandmother, who was always encouraging him to seek the Lord, but his desire for material things made him take a different path in life.

On The Run

By the age of 18, Samuel joined a gang and was thrown out of every school he attended. “I was dismissed from school...I was found in the school busy smoking and snatching people’s bags. I was arrested for drugs.”  It was a couple of days before Christmas when Samuel and his gang decided to steal a large amount of money. As the local police started looking for him, he fled the city to his grandmother’s house.

On her death bed, she begged him to change his ways and that made him stay by her side and not go through with the robbery.

“Later that day, I sat at a beer bar and I was drinking and smoking. I got a phone call, and the one speaking to me was a junkyman (drug addict) he was praising me...he told me that five guys of my gang were dead and two are two friends were sentenced to jail for 80 years.”

A Dream

After finding out what happened to his friends, things changed for Samuel. He started meditating on his life and the words of his grandmother kept tugging on his heart. “One afternoon when I was asleep, I had a dream. I was in the presence of a man who was judging people. It was my turn and he cast me into a deep pit full of fire...I woke up and I was sweating. I picked up my laptop and posted on Facebook that I need a savior.” Samuel reached out to an Online Missionary through GodLife’s Facebook page. As he continued to write and ask questions about salvation, Samuel felt that hope for the first time in his life. He was encouraged and decided to attend his local church.

“This Is My Story”

As Samuel walked into the church for the first time, nothing he had ever experienced compared to the love he felt. “They made [an] altar call and I moved forward. I accepted Jesus and he has been with me ever since.”

Your support made it possible to reach Samuel, a young man who felt unloved, unwanted and hopeless, through a Facebook page.

“I have been arrested many time but have never been convicted. I was a gambler...smoked marijuana and cigarettes for 11 years. I was addicted to hard drugs for 7 years. But I believe that Jesus forgives sin and shows no partiality...I was appointed as my local church prayer secretary of the youth….this is my story.”

There are millions of people just like Samuel in the world. To help more people like him find their path to Jesus Christ, give a special gift today


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