Searching for Meaning

Rejection. Loneliness. Ridicule. To Ranim, these are not just words—they are a reality. A painful, palpable reality. But a reality she would endure a thousand times over for just one more drop of Jesus. One more drop of satisfying love. Of refreshing grace. Of unceasing hope. 

In the turbulent promenades of Aleppo, Syria, Ranim spends each day walking step by step with her Lord, with her Rock. 

Since her days as a little girl, her inquisitive nature led her to question the Muslim faith that saturated her life, her family and her culture. 

Doubts swam around in her head about the religion and lifestyle followed by the people she loved, and these doubts were soon joined by dreams that placed before her the tender face of Jesus in colors bursting with glorious light. 

For years she yearned for something that gave her a purpose — for something that made her feel like a person meant to be loved, respected and known. Then, one day while exploring the Internet, she encountered an image from Global Media Outreach that introduced to her the story of Jesus Christ. With little hesitation, she clicked on the image, learned what Jesus did for her and launched into a relationship with Jesus by accepting His forgiveness and love. 

Ranim immediately felt a peace that passed all understanding and she knew she had finally found the ultimate truth. However, she resisted sharing her decision with her family, fearing their reaction. 

Standing firm in Jesus

Ranim’s secret could not be kept for long. When her family discovered her conversion, they became very upset. Her mother often yelled at her, crying vulgar things at her daughter. 

Eventually, her family deemed her insane and took her to a psychiatrist who physically beat her in an attempt to force her to convert back to Islam. Ranim’s struggles grew even larger when her father passed away and her family placed the blame for this tragedy on her shoulders, saying that his heart failure stemmed from his worry and concern for her. 

Through all of this, however, Ranim fervently desired to continue following Christ. She relied heavily on the Lord’s faithfulness, and she was greatly encouraged by the emails sent to her by her Online Missionary, Donna, who answered her questions and personally demonstrated the love and sympathy of Christ. Donna also connected Ranim to a pastor in Aleppo, who was another resource utilized to strengthen and fortify her walk with Christ. 

Ranim’s life may still be bound by afflicting and despairing circumstances, but her spirit is soaring in the freedom that Christ’s love and grace shower upon her. 

For “the kingdom of Heaven is like a merchant seeking fine pearls, and upon finding one pearl of great value, he went and sold all that he had and bought it” (Matthew 13:45-46). Ranim has found the single pearl that brings endless value to her life, and for that reason, her story has no choice but to be a triumphant one.

To give the greatest gift of all – eternal life – to people like Ranim, make your best special gift today. Each dime given provides one person around the world a chance to accept Jesus into their heart.

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