Portuguese Language Team Update

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The Portuguese Language Team has had a busy and productive 2019, expanding their Gospel reach in Brazil, Mozambique, Portugal and other Portuguese-speaking countries.

At the beginning of the year, the team launched its Portuguese-branded GodLife Facebook page to increase discipleship amongst seekers who have already interacted with a Gospel presentation. The page already has more than 3,000 followers and high engagement on its posts.

In March, cyclone Idai made a direct hit on Mozambique and devastated many local communities, leaving hundreds dead and thousands of people wondering where God was in the destruction. The Portuguese team responded quickly, creating a specialized Gospel presentation that spoke directly to the emotions that many were experiencing in the wake of the storm.

This is a great example of how language teams can help our Gospel sites become more culturally and situationally relevant than they would be if our English team handled all campaigns.

Finally, in July, the team launched social media ad campaigns that targeted specific audiences for the first time, which led to a strong response and many new contacts for our Online Missionaries to respond to.


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