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The PATH project didn’t start in 2019, but the majority of the legwork was done last year. We are very excited that this project is nearing completion!

When it is released, PATH will allow our Online Missionaries to respond to seekers more quickly and effectively – all from their smartphones. The application will still work on desktop, but we want to make sure that no matter where our Online Missionaries are, they are always connected to their seekers.

The system will also improve our ability to connect seekers with churches in their community, no matter where they are. Through a partnership with a ministry called UniteLife, we’re working on the relationships and technology needed to easily place seekers in trusted churches, all through the safety of the app.

Thank you for your support in 2019! We know God will continue to do great work through our partnership and the English Language Team in 2020 and beyond.

Something Better

Last year, we launched our first campaign created specifically for reaching out to the United States. In the same way our founder Walt Wilson heard a clear directive from the Lord to start Global Media Outreach in 2004, he recently heard from the Lord to do something about the deteriorating spiritual state of the United States. The result of this message from the Lord was ‘Something Better.’

The campaign responds to the despair and emptiness people feel when they look to something other than the Lord for their ultimate worth. Encouraging them to look to Jesus to satisfy the longing in their hearts, the new campaign proclaims ‘Jesus has something better for you.’

So far, the campaign has seen excellent results, with about 20 percent of visitors indicating a decision to follow Jesus Christ (above average) and thousands connecting with an Online Missionary after their visit.

Video Gospel Presentations

Text Gospel Presentations have served us well throughout our 15-year history, but as the world becomes more tech-savvy, there is more opportunity to share the Gospel through other methods. Last year, the English Language Response Team tested video Gospel presentations through YouTube and Facebook ads. Through these campaigns more than 1 million people heard the Gospel, more than 50,000 indicated a decision to follow Jesus and more than 10,000 connected with an Online Missionary.


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