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CAMPBELL, Calif. (August 9, 2013) — The Internet is our modern-day Roman Road, a virtual highway that the Church can use to get the Gospel and God’s Word to all people on earth. Global Media Outreach and YouVersion together have launched a mobile-friendly site that brings the opportunity to download a Bible at the forefront of a seeker’s online search for God.

Currently, 1.1 billion people have never heard the Name Jesus, let alone any Scripture. The question is, “How do we use this modern Roman Road to get the Gospel and God’s Word to those who need it?”

For centuries, Bible societies and organizations have been have been extremely effective at delivering God’s Word to billions everywhere. Just as the printing press provided a leap in the ability to share the Bible with people, the Internet has opened new doors for a broad coalition of Kingdom-focused organizations to increase access and engagement with God’s Word. The free download of the Bible App offered at allows people in every country to read or hear the Bible in an abundance of languages—all with the click of a button.

“We truly believe that our generation could become the most Bible-engaged generation in history,” said Pastor Bobby Gruenewald of in Oklahoma and co-founder of YouVersion’s Bible App, which recently reached the historic milestone of 100 million downloads. “It’s an honor to work with Global Media Outreach as we join forces on this global mission to share the Bible.”

Advances in telecommunications have provided the world with more than 7.1 billion cell-phone subscriptions; 91% of the population lives within range of a cell tower. Telecommunications company Ericsson predicts that 4.5 billion people will have smartphones within the next five years.

Global Media Outreach (GMO) recognizes the unique opportunity this presents. Using modern online and mobile advertising, GMO is able to find someone interested in hearing about God, share the Gospel, offer an online Bible, and provide discipleship guides – all guided by a trained Online Missionary.

GMO’s Christian Growth Index survey to those who indicate “Yes” to receiving Christ as their Savior through GMO websites shows that, 12-18 months after their prayer, 62% are reading the Bible daily or weekly. The skyrocketing use of the Internet and cell phones worldwide has given Christians an unprecedented opportunity to reach people all over the world with the Gospel and provide them with Scripture.

To download the Bible App, visit

About The Bible App by YouVersion
The Bible App™ by YouVersion offers 500+ versions of the Bible for free in 300+ languages. It was among the first 200 free apps in Apple’s iTunes store launched on July 10, 2008. Five years later, over 100 million mobile devices had downloaded the Bible App. For the last three consecutive years, Apple has ranked the Bible App among the top 100 free apps. Today it’s available for virtually every mobile device. The Bible App also contains over 350+ reading plans, each with specific selections of God’s Word that can help anyone tackle anything. The plans provide a daily dose of Scripture along with devotionals to read, watch, and listen to. YouVersion is a ministry of a multi-site church based in Oklahoma. Meeting in 16 different physical locations and globally online, the church is devoted to helping people around the world become fully devoted followers of Christ.

About Global Media Outreach
Global Media Outreach’s (GMO) vision is to give every person on Earth multiple opportunities to accept Jesus Christ—see hundreds of millions receive Him—build them in the faith and connect them to Christian communities in every country. GMO uses, and other websites in multiple languages to share the Good News of Jesus Christ across the globe. For more information about Global Media Outreach, visit


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