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App Helps Grow Christians in Faith

PLANO, Texas (September 15, 2014) — Global Media Outreach released its all new discipleship app, NextSteps, for both iOS and Android devices. The app, which introduces the Christian faith in a 30-day series of lessons, is available in three of the most widely spoken languages in the world.

Available in English, Arabic and Spanish, the app aims to teach people—no matter where they’re from—how to grow in their faith. Many times, new believers struggle with questions about Christianity. Heidy, from Bolivia, wrote to GMO and said “ I committed serious sins, do I have salvation?”

When questions like Hediy’s arise, seekers are able to utilize one of the most important features of the app: the ability to send a message to a team of nearly 9,000 Online Missionaries who are ready to respond.

NextSteps is designed to help people like Heidi grow closer to Christ. With 30 days of devotional videos in English, and helpful guides offered in Spanish and Arabic, Next Steps brings relevant lessons right to the fingertips of those who are longing to walk with Jesus.

Sharing Jesus is Global Media Outreach’s goal, so Next Steps gives users the ability to share what they learn each day on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Once a user completes all of the lessons, they receive a special certificate and are encouraged to share it with friends.

Learn more about the Next Steps app by visiting To see live tracking of people all over the globe visiting Global Media Outreach sites and being exposed to the Gospel, visit

About Global Media Outreach
Global Media Outreach’s vision is to give every person on Earth multiple opportunities to accept Jesus Christ—see hundreds of millions receive Him—build them in the faith and connect them to Christian communities in every country. Global Media Outreach uses, and other websites in multiple languages to share the Good News of Jesus Christ across the globe. For more information about Global Media Outreach, visit



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