Global Media Outreach Makes a Splash

Global Media Outreach seeks to share Jesus online in every country of the world - including our own. And, what better place to start serving than in our local community? As #NationalGiveSomethingAwayDay (7/15/2018) approached, we wanted to show that we care about those in our immediate vicinity. So, we made a plan.

On Thursday, July 12th, a few members of the Global Media Outreach team created company water bottles and, as the Texas, summer heat beat down, gave them out on the streets around the office. Within two hours, all 80 bottles were taken.

Many people thanked us; children ran up to get water, and adults expressed relief from the heat. But perhaps the most thankful of all was a group of construction workers laying concrete. They looked at us with confused faces as we approached with a red wagon full of ice and water bottles. When we held up the bottles and yelled, “FREE,” however, their faces lit up. We tossed bottles across the wet concrete to all of the workers as they quickly made their way toward us.

Water is such a simple thing, yet so many people were shocked to see it being given away. Spend some time thinking about what you can give away this week. But don’t stop there. In a world that seems more and more hopeless, Global Media Outreach seeks to give living water to people everywhere. Partner with us, and give the best gift to people all across the world! 

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