Fortunate: “I Could Have Been Long-Dead”

Global Media Outreach Staff - 1 min


Tags: depression, stories, suicide, testimony, Botswana

Fortunate was ready to end it all. The teenager from Botswana couldn’t continue school with her friends because her parents lacked funds. This upset her so much that she planned to commit suicide.

Before she could continue with her plan, God called out to her through a Global Media Outreach website.

Fortunate requested more information, and the very first email communication with Carol, an Online Missionary, stopped her conviction to end her life. Carol shared Scripture with Fortunate and counseled her about God’s love.

Fortunate testified:

"Thanks to the Lord, Who spoke to me through Carol. She helped me through my worst moments. I confess that I could have been long-dead because I had become suicidal; the pain was what made me feel happy. I still can’t believe what I had become! I was going down, and I doubt I would ever have found my way back up. I hope you have blessed many other souls. God works in many ways indeed!"


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