For the Least of These

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Growing up amongst gangs and violence that overtook her communities and threatened her existence, Teresa, an El Salvador native, vividly remembers how it was to live in fear for her life every day – but she also remembers feeling her first glimmer of hope.

“During my youth, I went with my grandparents to a mission that some American missionaries had established.”

After her experience with the missionaries visiting her country, the waves of political unrest and violence made life difficult for Teresa and her family. In spite of these circumstances, she learned how to rely on God’s promises with the encouragement and discipleship from her missionary friends. Teresa could tell that these people were different than anyone else she had ever met because they were filled with the love of God.

“Even though I was only eight years old, it impacted me to see the love of these people. They left their relatives and came to our county as missionaries to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

In remote villages across developing countries like El Salvador, biblical resources are rare, and most people have never heard the Gospel. Because of this need, Teresa made a promise to herself to dedicate her life to reaching out to people in these areas. “When I was a kid I used to say,' I will do what they’re doing.’ I dreamed, and God did not forget what I said as a child. He took my dream, He guarded it, and He fulfilled it.” Missionary work has stayed dear to Teresa’s heart, even after she moved to the U.S.

Now with a family of her own, Teresa continues to do the Lord’s work, but now she reaches into villages all over the world – all through the power of her computer. For the last ten months, she’s faithfully served as a Spanish-speaking Online Missionary with Global Media Outreach, discipling more than 60 people into a deeper relationship with Christ.

“Today, I have embraced this missionary work from Global Media Outreach. I know this is another tool that the Lord has put in my hands where I can share the Gospel to the nations. I can share Him and reach out to many souls around the world without physically leaving home.”

Teresa never dreamed she’d be able to reach so many people in need of the Gospel so easily, but through the power of technology, she can do just that every day from her desk at home. What began as a dream as a small child has grown into a life-calling and a purpose fulfilled. Hallelujah! 

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