Before the Rain: Eve’s Story

Most people love the rain, but not Eve.

As she sits in the middle of the room – hands playing with the hem of her school uniform – she nervously stares outside the classroom window. The skies are painting the afternoon with a dark color and soon, a thunderous symphony begins to play in the background.

The rain reminds the young girl of the life before she was rescued from the streets. 

Her hands stop fidgeting, and for a breath of a moment, time goes still. Eve’s sweet melodic voice fills the air. “I had a family. Mother, father, two elder sisters, and one brother.” She stops. “My dad impregnated my two sisters.”

When her mother found out that the dad was behind the pregnancies, she confronted him and the siblings found her dead the next morning. “My dad hid himself, but at last, he was found. In jail, he lacked and he died...My sisters, they were about to deliver, so they killed themselves.”

With no else to look after her, Eve was left alone to fend for herself. 

The Chokora Life  

In the streets of Africa, street children – also called chokoras – are considered the lowest level of society. They eat from rubbish bins, sleep in the bushes and life is especially difficult when the rainy season comes. With no one to look after them, these children are exposed to drugs, sexual assault and many other types of sin.

Eve was no different. One night, she was brutally raped. The assault left her in a ditch with two dislocated hips and on the verge of death. Other chokoras brought her scraps of food and water as she healed physically, but it was the internal suffering that made her wonder why God would allow her to experience so much pain.

A Phone Changed Everything 

One day, a local college student named Wendy saw a disheveled Eve on the streets, barely clinging to her life. Wendy was concerned because Eve was a very young girl among a lot of older boys, so she left a phone with instructions to contact her with any urgent needs. What was meant as a simple gesture of care resulted in Eve receiving the device that would save her from her dire situation and start her on a path of true belief and sanctification.

You see, as Eve played a game on the phone to pass the time and forget about her struggles, she saw a Global Media Outreach advertisement about prayer.

The Holy Spirit led her to tap on the ad and get connected to Ruth, an Online Missionary. She sent her first message to Ruth and waited  for a response.

Clinging on to her last bit of hope, Eve finally received Ruth’s first response. 

The mere fact that someone cared enough about her to talk to her was enough to grow another sort of hunger within Eve: a hunger for the love of God. Eve shared her life story with Ruth and prayed that she would experience God’s love through her new friend.

“I wanted somebody to show me protection and love and by the grace of God, I found somebody.”

Through their messages, Ruth noticed the seeds of belief in Eve, but she could tell Eve was weary in her faith.

“The big question is that He died for us all so that we may have eternal life, does my earthly life as a chokora have any relation with the death of Jesus?” Eve asked. “If yes, why am I suffering if Jesus already suffered for me once and for all?”

Ruth faithfully encouraged Eve with this truth: even in her troubles, God loves her and is in control and will not let her sorrows go to waste. He is always present and His love is always able to overcome even the most difficult situations. It’s in the hard times where we learn to trust God the most.

Eve was startled. Could she really find true joy in the Lord even in the midst of her sorrows? Was He still good even though He allowed bad things to happen to her?

The Impact of the Gospel 

As the sun rose on a new day, Eve felt true hope and joy in the Lord for the first time in years. The Biblical counsel offered by Ruth affected her in a way that was only possible through the work of the Holy Spirit.

Eve pondered God’s goodness even in her difficulty and wondered if her connection with Wendy and Ruth could also be His way of saving her from homelessness.

Before Eve could even ask, Wendy was taking up a collection to send Eve to a Christian boarding school for a semester. This school would provide Eve a place to live during the year and also provide a strong, Biblical education and community for her to grow in.

As her first semester came to a close, Eve didn’t have the necessary funds to continue. Staring at returning to a life on the streets, Eve was terrified, but Ruth went the extra mile and partnered with Wendy and some local charities to make sure Eve could complete her studies. 

Now, Eve and Ruth continue their deep relationship that is centered around the Word of God. As Eve grows deeper in her relationship with the Lord, she hopes that her story will have a great impact on the people around and trusts that the Lord will use her to do amazing things.

Eve's story proves that technology can take the Gospel to those who are lost and broken just when they need to hear the message of hope. Thank you for standing with Global Media Outreach as we share Jesus with the world. 

Make an impact in the lives of those who hunger for the Lord, your gift will open the doors to fulfill the Great Commission in our lifetime. 

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