Escaping a cult to find Jesus

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Camilo has walked the streets of Colombia countless times – his eyes always glued to the floor. Though in his early twenties, it is as if a smile has never touched his face. People often describe him as lonely, scary, and bitter.

What most onlookers don’t know about Camilo, is that his older sister gave him away to a cult leader named Laura when he was a child. 

“She’s known as the founder of a cult named the ‘Black Cloud,’ Camilo said. “Her mission was to raise up kids to become assassins.” 

For almost half of his life, Camilo lacked the love of family that he deeply longed for.

 Instead, he was introduced to the darkness of witchcraft and grew up to become violent and aggressive toward people.

“I was raised in a very dark room until I was eleven years old, my hands and feet were tied, and after a while, my body was out of strength,” he said. “They would feed me through a slide in the door. That is how I survived.”  Camilo’s soul was filled with darkness and it seemed as if there was no hope for any light to break through. 

A revived heart  

Camilo’s journey to find Jesus began when he found enough courage to run away from Laura’s house and the cult. “I ran away to where the homeless people live and found a Bible in the trash that said ‘New Testament,’ so I started reading it, but didn’t understand it.” Intrigued by the book he found, Camilo began looking for answers. 

In his search, a woman mentioned that he could look up his answers on the Internet. Camilo went to an Internet cafe, logged onto Facebook and found discipleship content and an opportunity to connect with an Online Missionary named Luis. 

Throughout months of back-and-forth conversations between Camilo and his online missionary, Camilo opened up about his fears, trials, and suffering. All of the turmoil in his life was washed away when presented with a simple question that was set to radically change Camilo’s life: “Do you accept Jesus Christ as your Savior?” He agreed. 

A church family

In an effort to connect Camilo to a church on the ground, Luis reached out to his fellow online missionary and community leader Maria Eugenia who is from Colombia. Thanks to Maria Eugenia’s familiarity with the country, she was able to connect Camilo with a local church. Over the last few years, this new church family has embraced Camilo. He continues to grow in spirit and has voiced that he wants to reach out to his old friends involved in witchcraft and share Jesus with them. He left this powerful message with Luis that demonstrates just how much the Lord has radically reordered his life. 

“I made the decision to follow Christ,” Camilo said. “I believe in God, and I want to know how to better my life and follow him without caring what other people say. Even if that means that I have to renounce the world...There are people all over the world who don’t have education, who are part of tribes and live in mountains and deserts, forgotten by society... We are the generation that will share the message of Jesus, so what are we going to do about it?” 

Watch Camilo give his testimony below:

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