Elvie: A Heart for the Lost

Global Media Outreach - 2 min


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Elvie came to Global Media Outreach about two years ago, passionate about obeying the Great Commission and reaching as many people as possible with the Good News.

“This stressful world leaves many people injured, lost and without confidence, and people need someone to listen to their problems and pour out their feelings to,” Elvie said. “God uses Global Media Outreach to reach out to them; to give hope, answers and salvation.”

Elvie takes her role as a volunteer very seriously and spends many hours praying and consulting the Lord on how she should best respond to those in need.

“As an Online Missionary, I need to handle the seekers with great care. When I answer their email or questions, I need God’s wisdom and mercy to flow within me. I always ask God to give me wisdom on how to minister them step by step to the root of their problem, all in accordance with the opportunities that God has opened.”

There’s a reason Elvie is intentional with each interaction she has with her seekers: she knows God placed every one in her life for a specific purpose.

“I always keep in my mind that every seeker that contacts me is not a coincidence. It is God’s plan to bring them to me as an Online Missionary, so I can share Jesus Christ and bring them to meet God personally.”

Let’s all join in praising the Lord for Elvie’s love for the lost and the great number of hours she has spent reaching them through Global Media Outreach!


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