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Bible Distribution – YouVersion

Read how over the past year Global Media Outreach has referred more than 5 million people to YouVersion's Bible app.  Read On

Latin America – Alianza Cristiana y Misionera

Since May 2012, Global Media Outreach has cultivated a strong partnership with a large church in Lima, Peru called Alianza Cristiana y Misionera. Read On

Global Media Outreach is a 'reason for optimism'

Learn why Global Media Outreach is a reason to be optimistic in a pessimistic day. Read On

Denison Forum Mentions Global Media Outreach

Dr. Dennison wrote about the importance of online missions. He brought to light how ministries like Global Media Outreach are reaching people seeking God’s love. Read On

3 Ways Global Media Outreach Goes Places Virtually

With 91% of the global population living near a cell tower, we now have the opportunity to share God with the entire world. Read On

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