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Nompucuko: Leaving a Life of Sin

Caught up in a sinful lifestyle, Nompucuko knew she needed to get her life back on track. Through a GMO website, she was able to renew her faith and leave her old life behind. Read On

Winnet: When the World’s out to Get You

Winnet felt like the world was out to get her. But thanks to her Online Missionary, she learned to gain strength from God's word. Read On

Carolyn: Keeping Faith with Four Months to Live

Carolyn wanted to give up. Her doctor told her she had less than four months to live. Through the support of people like you, she learned God has the final say, not cancer. Read On

Fortunate: “I Could Have Been Long-Dead”

Fortunate thought her life was over, but one message from an Online Missionary changed her mind and saved her life. Read On

Amanda: Baptism in a Muslim Country

If God was so loving, why was there so much evil in the world? Amanda couldn't decide if she should trust Jesus or Allah. Your support helpd her learn the truth. Read On

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