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Luzviminda: From Pride to Repentance

Luzviminda thought she had it going on. She trusted in herself and didn't need anyone...until she lost her job and found she couldn't meet her own needs. Read On

Beatrice: Discipleship for a Widow

More than a decade after her husband's death, Beatrice was strugging to find joy. After connecting with an Online Missionary, she realized she had joy regardless of her troubles. Read On

Maureen: Overcoming Anxiety & Depression

Maureen felll victim to a spirit of fear. Connecting with an Online Missionary gave her the encouragement she needed to put her trust in God. Read On

Thelma: Overcoming Deaths in the Family

In painful mourning, Thelma's wounded heart was aching. After seeing the Gospel online, she realized God could bring comfort like no one else. Read On

Pauline: Saved from Emotional Torture

Pauline was a lonely soul. She didn’t believe anything good could happen in her life...until she connected with an Online Missionary. Read On

Nompucuko: Leaving a Life of Sin

Caught up in a sinful lifestyle, Nompucuko knew she needed to get her life back on track. Through a GMO website, she was able to renew her faith and leave her old life behind. Read On

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