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A Picture of Eternity

There is at least one question that is on the mind of every person: Where do I go when I die? In fact, that was the question that brought a woman from Grenada named Wanda to a GodLife website looking … Read On

A Faith That Moves Mountains

After searching online, Marie found Global Media Outreach. Through her Online Missionary, she met Jesus and her life was transformed. Read On

The Path To Jesus

Samuel was living in a world of drugs and gambling. Read how everything changed for him when he encountered an Online Missionary through a Facebook page.  Read On

Dealing with Depression

Depression affects an estimated 350 million people worldwide, read how Oluchi a young woman from Nigeria overcame this illness with God's amazing grace.  Read On

Reaching a Resistant Generation

Read how a young Australian bucked the trends of this increasingly faithless generation. Read On

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