Online Missions

How we've reached Indonesia in 2019

Through the work of three staff members and about 50 Online Missionaries, we reached more than 6 million Indonesian-speaking people with the Gospel in 2019 and more than 40,000 seekers were connected … Read On

A Look Back: Global Media Outreach in 2005

In 2005, a small team located in a windowless office in California got to work on the technology that would be the backbone of the ministry for the next 15 years. Read On

How do we create a Gospel Presentation?

Global Media Outreach has more than 200 individual websites that offer different angles on the same Gospel message. How do we decide when to create one and how does it get created? Read On

What's the Value of a Dime?

We often overlook the value of a dime. But what if one dime can buy someone like Christopher a chance at eternal life? Read On

Survey Says...Americans are Sharing Their Faith Online

Last week, the Pew Research Center released new information stating one-in-five Americans share their faith online each week. Read On
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