Carolyn: Keeping Faith with Four Months to Live

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Stress can rear its ugly head in many ways. For Carolyn, concern for her family, lack of adequate housing, and poor health caused her to call out for help. Online, she found the Gospel on a Global Media Outreach website, and realized she needed to rededicate herself to God, especially during such a difficult time in her life.

She and her Online Missionary, Julie, talked and prayed, becoming fast friends. Then, a few months later, Carolyn told Julie something she had told no one else.

In August 2011, Carolyn was diagnosed with cancer. Her doctor said she might have less than four months to live.

Carolyn was desperate!

She told Julie she was giving up and that she wanted to die. Carolyn was finished: no more doctors, no more fighting.

Weeping and praying, Julie encouraged Carolyn. She said it was not too late for her. She reminded Carolyn how much God loves her and how much her family needed her.

Carolyn decided she would continue to fight and call the doctor again. Meanwhile, they prayed together fervently. Carolyn’s faith in God became stronger.

Now, more than a year later, Carolyn and Julie still correspond frequently. She still has cancer, but she has outlived her doctor’s original four-month prediction. Now Carolyn knows God has the final say!

More importantly, she has the desire to live. The Lord continues to strengthen her during this journey.

Do you want to walk beside people like Carolyn as they grow stronger in their faith? Join the Journey!


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