Amanda: Baptism in a Muslim Country

Global Media Outreach Staff - 1 min


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Standing in the way between Amanda and coming to Christ was the fact that one of her family members had been murdered: If God was so loving, why was there so much evil in the world?

Amanda was considering becoming a Muslim, like many of her relatives. She encountered learned about God's gift of salvation through a Global Media Outreach website and the Holy Spirit began to work in her heart. Still seeking answers, she asked her Online Missionary question after question about God, Christianity, and Islam.

Eventually, Amanda obeyed the call of the Holy Spirit and decided to put her trust in Jesus. All glory to God for her transformation!

Living with relatives in a Muslim country, Amanda decided to share her new faith with them. They, too, made the bold choice to risk their lives to become Christians, and her aunt and uncle, four cousins, and Amanda were all baptized together. God called to Amanda online, and six other people were saved because of it!

Amanda described her baptism, “The whole place had an air of love. Jesus really is present – it almost felt as if His hand were on my shoulder. As the pastor poured the water on my head, it felt as if my whole past was washed away.”


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