Claiming Freedom in the Gospel

Night terrors 

Sleepless and exhausted after a third straight week of horrible nightmares, Almasi was presented with a possible cure to her problems: strawberry juice and olive oil. 

Confused? Almasi was confused as well, but at this point in her life, she was willing to try anything. The person who suggested this remedy was a local preacher, which made Almasi trust him inherently, even though the prescription was odd at best. 

Almasi never got a chance to try the pastor’s remedy after he escaped town, leaving her hurting and searching once again for a cure to her night terrors. 

Desperate, Almasi started searching online for a cure. That’s when she found Global Media Outreach, subscribed to devotional content and got in touch with Hannah, her Online Missionary. 

“I checked my email and found a reply from Global Media Outreach saying how much Jesus loves me and steps I should follow to know God better,” Almasi said. 

This connection with Hannah was a true turning point for Almasi. Within 10 days of connecting with Hannah, Almasi was able to claim freedom from her nightmares in the name of the Lord. 

“I have seen Him for the past two weeks fighting for me in my dreams,” Almasi said. “Nowadays I wake up at 3 a.m. to sing for him. I am seeing a lot of changes in my life!” 

Out of the desert 

Through our devotionals and highly trained Online Missionaries, Global Media Outreach shares the Gospel and gets people connected with the one true God. 

Our ministry goes beyond the initial Gospel presentation to care for new and growing believers. Through discipleship by Online Missionaries, we make sure they are connecting with Jesus. This makes a real difference in the lives of thousands every day. 

“I thank you Hannah because every day I am learning something new about God through you,” Almasi said. 

Now that she is on the other side of a major trial in her life, Almasi can look back and see how God used Global Media Outreach to bring her back to Him. 

“I now realize God has brought me in this desert to turn again to Him and to worship Him just like the way I used to do when I was young,” Almasi said. “Since I got saved, I have passed many challenges, but if God never gave up on me when I was a sinner, I shall never give up on Him.” 

Now, after years of being absent from the church, Almasi has found a local church and is active in it.

To help people like Almasi find freedom from darkness, give a special gift today!

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