How It Works

We exist to put people on the path to Jesus. Here’s how you make it work:


Your dime starts here. Every dollar you donate shares Jesus with 10 people.


Your dime travels the globe and helps people see online ads, visit Gospel websites and install apps we create to Share Jesus.


People who are searching for answers and open to learning more about Jesus connect with an Online Missionary—thanks to you!


The Journey starts here. Online Missionaries answer questions, pray for and guide new and recommitting believers on the journey to Jesus through a safe and anonymous system.


Your generosity gives people the resources to grow deeper in their faith through online Bible studies, prayer, and mobile apps.  

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New believers continue their journey when they connect with Online Missionaries who guide them spiritually to become reproducing believers themselves.

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Changed lives

"I am much excited for seeing this site. It's going to help me grow in the spirit of God." - Antwi

How do we know online missions changes lives?

For hundreds of thousands like Antwi, we have a special study to help us measure just how much their spiritual life has changed. The Christian Growth Index is a study developed by a committee that includes a former President of a Fortune 500 company, a technology executive, an executive pastor of a 15,000-member church and head of a non-profit organization. The index measures spiritual growth at least 6 months after a new believer indicates a “Yes” decision to receive Jesus as savior. This survey helps us see life transformation over time.