Meet Ayanda, Timothy, Norah, and Lizette. Their stories are different, but all now have a personal relationship with Jesus and their lives have been transformed. Each found a website from Global Media Outreach as they searched for information about Jesus on the Internet.
Perhaps they came to the Internet because it is the only safe place for them to seek God. Or they have decided to follow Jesus and need to know the next step. Our online missionaries are there to help them.

  • I need information about Jesus

    "I was born in Hindu family, yet as a child, there was never peace in my mind through reading and going to temple. In 2003 I learned about Jesus, but not clearly. I want to know Him deeply. When I saw your web site, I felt happy. I want some information about the Bible. I taken strongly decision like Jesus."

  • The spiritual lessons have enriched me

    "I would like to witness how Jesus has changed my life. I fear nothing as I used to be if confronted with problems. Joy and peace of mind fills my heart. I am deeply in touch with Jesus through constant prayers. I feel strong to face worldly challenges and I am at peace."I would also like to thank you for your spiritual lessons that have enriched me in my spiritual thirst. May the Good Lord Bless you for the wonderful work you do to help others get to know God."

  • All I want is to get closer to God

    "I have recently made the decision to follow Jesus Christ. All I can rightfully confirm right now is, I don't remember in all my life a time when I've felt this good, I'm so happy and it's coming from within, so I know it's real. It feels like he's in every part of me. I just find myself smiling and grinning for no reason. It's a bit difficult especially with the life I used to lead, but I read new scriptures everyday to help me grow in faith. I think I came very close to self destructing, but I'm happy that God has shown me the way in time, and saved me from myself. I'm so hungry for the Word, and all I want is to get closer to God and obey him and speak, walk and live by Faith. I'm grateful for this website because it just shows how many people out there serve this living God, God Bless all of you and it feels amazing to be a part of this righteous family."

  • I found Jesus and a friend

    "I have had a difficult life growing up. I would go day by day thinking there should be more to life. I felt alone, drifting away from God, but I still had that hunger for Him. That's when I came to your site. I wrote you guys and I got a reply and that has made such a huge difference. Now I know I'm not alone, my new friend (online missionary) is helping me to stay strong. I know now with everything that has went wrong in my life there was a reason for it. I want to thank you guys for helping me find Jesus. I was lost but now I'm found."