Winter 2016 Newsletter

From the Barracks to Baptism

Sharing Jesus

For the past four years, there’s always been a new message waiting for Prem in his inbox.

“I have 50 disciples and no credit to me. Essentially it is the brilliant system,” said Prem, an Online Missionary in India. The “brilliant system” Prem mentioned is something you make possible through your support; It’s also how Prem met Arvind.

Getting a Bible Through Facebook

As a soldier in the Indian army, Arvind didn’t have much free time. When he did have a break, he got online. While browsing Facebook one day he saw and was immediately interested. He sent a message asking for a Bible, and that’s when our system linked Arvind with Prem.

“On the front he is lonely…so he chats on Facebook,” Prem recalled.

Prem shared the gospel and gave Arvind a link to YouVersion’s Bible app. After a few conversations, Arvind wrote,

“I believe Jesus is God…I believe in Jesus…there is no doubt.”

Growing in Faith

Prem confirmed that Arvind truly understood the Gospel and began sharing discipleship lessons — lessons your faithful support make possible.

“He expressed a lack of interest in life," Prem revealed."But after going through the GMO materials he has grown a lot and is confident of what he wants to do in the future after retiring from the army.”

During their exchange of more than 430 messages, Arvind received daily Bible verses and asked many questions about Jesus.

“Whenever he asked a question I answered him,” Prem remembered.

“He expressed interest in taking baptism so I put him in touch with a pastor near his hometown. He has been witnessing to his sister who is a young widow and now both plan to take baptism," he added.

Connecting On the Ground

Arvind showed his sister how to download the same Bible app he received from his Online Missionary. With a Hindi Bible on her phone, her faith began to grow. Just recently, Arvind shared:

“I reached Dehradun [India] on 10th morning. My sister reached the same day. At our brothers home we are having a good time studying bible together. Yesterday was my birthday and we both were baptized.”

Thanks to you Arvind received a Hindi Bible, confirmed his faith and connected to a church in India where he—and his sister— got baptized. Praise God!

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