Prayers in Three Languages

This week's intern blog comes from Jake, our sole techy intern. Perhaps you remember him from the first week, where he confessed that he broke the office coffee pot. We (the coffee lovers) have taken huge steps in forgiving him! But, joking aside, he has an amazing ability to fit right in with everyone's personalities and has a huge heart for ministry. Read one moment that really stood out for him in online missions this week:

This morning Sarah and I had the opportunity to interview Karl Nyman, a new Christian who came to Christ through one of GMO’s websites, and his online missionary, Martha. The interview was for our marketing campaign, titled “I Am Found” we had briefly discussed in our last post. It was such an amazing experience to Skype with Karl and Martha and hear their testimonies. We had come up with a list of questions so that we could use their stories for our corporate presentation. We (Sarah and I) have seen their testimony videos on GMO’s YouTube page already, but it was amazing to actually meet and interact with them. Their hearts were so passionate about God and it became very contagious. We all ended with a ten minute prayer in three different languages (Finnish, Swedish, and English). It was a powerful moment to realize that we all serve the same God, whether we live in the USA, Sweden, or anywhere else in the world.

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