Meet Our Interns part 1

You may have caught some of our Facebook posts and tweets about having six interns in the corporate office this summer. They are a fantastic group... after only two weeks we can already tell. We have decided to ask them to wrote a blog post each week to share their impressions with you. So, without farther ado, I give you the first half of The Real Interns of Silicon Valley.

Hello and welcome to INTERN INVASION! We are “The Interns.”

My name is Sarah Sparks. I live to make others smile and brighten up their day! I am passionate about design and, even more so, about serving God. It has been about a week and half now since we have started working at GMO and I have to admit, I am still fearfully in awe. In awe of the amazing God-driven staff, my passionate and God-seeking fellow interns, this God-centered organization, and, most importantly, I am in awe of how God is using all of us, everyday, to give glory to His name and to touch every heart of every person with His love. I have already grown so much and cannot wait to see what God will show us over the next 7 weeks!

Hello! My name is Jonathan. I like to describe myself as calm and reserved but crazy and ridiculous at times. These two personalities often combine and make me just appear awkwardly awesome...kind of. My thoughts on the first week at GMO: It’s really been a hectic but good first week here. Our team has gone from being strangers to a close group in just a week. I love my teammates and I’m really enjoying learning all about GMO and the projects that we’re getting to do. I’m optimizing the YouTube channel and working on developing new ways to market GMO website and events. I’m looking forward to learning more and having fun with my awesome team!

Hey! My name is Jake Brokaw. I am originally from Canton, Ohio (home of the NFL Hall of Fame). I really enjoy playing Ultimate Frisbee, Basketball, or any kind of physical activity. I love being able to make people laugh and (hopefully) brighten their day.
My first week as a GMO intern was filled with great memories; such as meeting my awesome co-workers, learning new things, seeing God move mountains across this planet, and seeing some beautiful Californian sites. My first week also had some not-so-great memories, such as breaking the office coffee machine on my third day of work. The caffeine addicts of the office weren’t too pleased when that happened! One of my favorite things about GMO is the Christ-centeredness of the entire group. Praying before/during/after a meeting is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever experienced in a work place.

Well, that about sums it up for this week. Stay tuned for next week’s post to meet the rest of the interns and see what amazing things God is doing at GMO! See you soon!

Ps. Every Friday we will be having a broadcast of what happens as we experience God, GMO, and Californian culture. We hope to be able to chat with you. See our trailer here.