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Global Media Outreach

Job Description – Digital Advertising Specialist

Title: Digital Advertising Specialist

Reports to: Director of Digital Distribution

Global Media Outreach is looking for candidates with digital advertising skills, who want to make an eternal impact with their career. Join us at Global Media Outreach and you’ll be able to reach hundreds of millions of people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ using your online advertising skills.

As a member of the Distribution Team, the Digital Advertising Specialist manages ad campaigns that are

seen by millions of people per month. We are looking for a growth hacker with creative ideas and the ability to evolve with technological changes. The ideal candidate will have a burning passion to effectively reach the world with Christ, possess outstanding online marketing skills to build, manage and optimize

campaigns as well as create digital marketing strategies and handle large budgets. This position reportsto the Director of Digital Distribution. The position is located at our headquarters in Plano, TX.

 Essential Duties and Responsibilities

• Develop online advertising campaigns from developing goals, to creation and optimization

• Optimize the reach and effectiveness of ad campaigns

• Test new technological platforms for ad campaigns

• Interact directly in Google AdWords and with various ad vendors to optimize campaigns

• Consult on creative best practices and optimization

• Maintain documentation on campaign process and procedures

• Troubleshoot common campaign issues

• Analyze reporting, look for potential problem areas

• Meet the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

• SEO or UX experience is a plus!

 Job Requirements

• Ability to manage multiple projects at the same time under pressure, within tight deadlines

• Excellent organizational skills, continually optimizing and changing campaigns

• Experience with landing page design best practices and A/B testing experience

• Experience with the entire life cycle of a PPC campaign from identifying goals, developing a

strategy, build and implementation, early optimization, and mature account maintenance

• Capacity to work in a fast-paced, fluid operating environment

• Adeptness in understanding new technologies in short periods of time

• Self-motivated, self-learning, and proactive in identifying all possible solutions and proactively implementing strategy

• Aptitude to troubleshoot common campaign issues

• Ability to discuss strategy and recommend the best solution in high pressure or time-sensitive situations


• BA or BS degree

• Minimum one year relevant experience

• Experience building, managing and optimizing 10+ PPC campaigns simultaneously and managing medium and large budgets

• Maintains and demonstrates a personal, growing relationship with Jesus Christ and exhibits Christian character and faith in all areas of life

• All employees must agree with the Statement of Faith


Please send your résumé to Please include a paragraph about yourself and a paragraph about why you would like to work for Global Media Outreach.

Global Media Outreach exists to share the gospel with everyone on earth multiple times, see people accept Jesus Christ, build them in their faith, and connect them to a Christian community.

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