Thelma: Overcoming Deaths in the Family

First, her mother died. Then her brother died. In painful mourning, Thelma wounded heart was aching.

She came across one of Global Media Outreach’s websites, answering a call she didn’t even realize had come from God. Sterling, her Online Missionary, assured her that our loving God could heal her pain like no other physician.

Thelma learned God loves her and brings comfort, hope, and peace to those who mourn.

Sterling was in a ready position to witness to this, having lost both parents not long before. It was amazing that God had brought them together.

Under Sterling’s guidance, Thelma learned that Christians will be reunited with our loved ones who have accepted Christ when we get to Heaven.

They prayed together, and Thelma put her trust in God.

“God, take over my situation; I cannot do a thing by myself. All I need is You, Lord.”

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