Searching For Freedom

James never met the real God. He grew up in a Mormon family and spent most of his life trying to find his identity, purpose and calling. To fill the void in his heart, he found refuge in alcohol and relationships that led to more emptiness.

“I don't know if it was because I attended the LDS Church...I wasn’t following Christ or his commandments. This led me down the road I was on. I became a drunk and a womanizer, and living in sin. I thought I was happy, and that I had all there was to life in the palm of hand. If I couldn't find it in the bottle, I didn't want it.”

Freedom in a prison cell

After his second divorce, James knew it was time to get “responsible.” His girlfriend was expecting a child and he wanted to be a part of their lives. Yet, the decisions he made in the past came back to haunt him. James was sentenced to a two-year prison term for violating his probation and carrying an illegal concealed firearm. Never did he think that in the solitude of his prison cell, he would find freedom.” I hit my knees, and begged God for another chance...I started reading a Bible, and praying for forgiveness, the sinners’ prayer and asking for grace.”

The Journey Begins

When James got out of jail, he was faithful in attending church with his growing family and living out the life he had promised the Lord in that prison cell. But soon, he started backsliding to his old drinking habits.

“Over the next few years, I was battling between alcohol and God. Eventually God took over.” It was during the hardest days that he received an email from GodLife. After searching online he started communicating with his Online Missionary, Andrew. “About once a week I received a new biblical lesson from GodLife. Many times during the week, when I began to doubt, or had questions in my heart, Andrew emailed me with some topics with scriptural verses to look at; these lessons and scriptures were exact answers to the questions I was praying or thinking about. People like myself, need to be guided, to better understand our relationship with Christ.”

Not a Benchwarmer

James has enough stories to write a book. But it's his transformation that reveals the sovereignty of God in our lives.

“If it wasn't for the Holy Spirit working through the GodLife Christian outreach, and discipleship I would still be struggling to maintain a personal relationship with Christ, and not understanding the truths about his love for us. Today, I have no doubt that his Holy Spirit manifests truths in us, and is ALWAYS with me even when, I don't feel him. I have a strong personal relationship with God, guided by the Holy Spirit. However, the Holy Spirit works through the GodLife ministries, to reach out and help guide us to the light, and truth. If it wasn't for GodLife discipleship, help in guiding me, through the Holy Spirit, I may have still been, just another benchwarmer at church on Sunday. Thank-you for your discipleship, encouragement and support.”

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