Sabir's Story

Thirsting for more

In his first few months living in Libya, Sabir realized the country was more hostile to Christianity than he anticipated, and as a result his fervor for Christ was fading. 

His unexpected move from Iraq left Sabir desperate for any sort of Christian community to grow his newfound faith. With no fellowship, Sabir turned to the Internet for answers.

Through much prayer, Sabir’s desire for community was satisfied when he came across a Global Media Outreach Gospel presentation. After viewing the presentation, he received an opportunity to connect with a caring Christian, which is exactly what he needed at that point in his life. 

Even though he was excited to finally find a fellow believer in Christ, Sabir’s first contact with Martin, his Online Missionary, came at the lowest point of his life.

He explained his dissatisfaction with the Christian resources available in Libya and described the dangers of attending church, reading a Bible and worshipping the Lord as fully as he desired.

Martin assured Sabir that he would be a faithful resource that he could lean on during this rough time in his life and that he would be available to talk. Along with lending a shoulder to lean on, Martin offered daily devotionals and Bible studies from GodLife to help Sabir grow in his walk with the Lord.

Joy restored
Over the next few months, Sabir started feeling the joy of Christ in his heart again thanks to the encouragement, prayer, discipleship materials and Biblical advice that Martin provided.

Sabir describes his Online Missionary as a “blessing and inspiration” and can’t imagine what his life would be like if he didn’t have this relationship.

Every day, Sabir’s life is refueled in a way that allows him to continue in his faith, even through doubts and difficulties. Now, even when times get rough, Sabir has a friend to turn to and new ways to connect with the Lord he loves.

Global Media Outreach focuses a great amount of manpower and resources on discipling people who are already Christians, as shown by Sabir’s story. We believe that not only is it important to make converts, it is just as important to grow Christians in their faith.

Without the Internet, Sabir would have found it very difficult to be encouraged in his trials and may have strayed from the Lord. Thankfully, God is using online discipleship as a key tool to build up believers in countries where it is difficult to be a Christian, deeply spreading the Gospel into countries where it’s hard for missionaries to go.

Give a special gift today and you'll help people in these countries learn about Jesus in a safe and secure way.

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