Reaching a Resistant Generation

You’re the only thing that matters.
Do whatever feels good.
Don’t worry about spiritual rules.
No one can tell you what is right or wrong.

These are the lessons of individualism that Western culture is teaching our younger generations. As a result of this growing mindset, these generations are becoming less interested in Christianity; instead they believe there is no truth.

Though he falls in this increasingly faithless generation, a young Australian named Charlie bucked the trends when he went to a search engine looking for answers to his spiritual questions. After reading the Gospel on one of our websites, Charlie decided to dedicate his life to follow Christ.

Showing appreciation for discipleship

Charlie and John developed a close relationship over the last year and have exchanged more than 2,000 messages in that time. Charlie values the relationship with his Online Missionary greatly:

Besides the assistance from my Holy Spirit and of course my Father Jesus
Christ, I want to thank you for being an amazing person for helping me
spiritually mature throughout the months and sharing your ministry
every time I ask you a question out of pure curiosity.

Assurance in faith

Early in his faith, Charlie struggled with depression and doubts of his assurance in Christ Jesus.

Is accepting Jesus's payment for my sins once enough already? I hate it every time I scare myself and keep praying for God to save me due to my fear.

A new, young heart for evangelism

Thanks to people like you who support Global Media Outreach, Charlie is able to learn truths like this through discussions with his Online Missionary and continue to grow in his faith by studying the Bible on a daily basis.

Charlie is very excited about spreading the Gospel among his family and peers. Your support has helped raise up a new leader, one that will go out and help bring even more souls back to the Lord.

I know I'm still quite young but in the future, I hope to work as some sort
of evangelist and win as much souls as possible. Winning souls is more
important than earning lots of money in my opinion.

Your investment in our ministry allows our Online Missionaries to disciple new believers and train them to disciple others. To reach more young people like Charlie through technology, give your gift today.

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