Maureen: Overcoming Anxiety & Depression

Maureen was desperate. As a regular at weekend retreats, she was frequently asked to participate as a leader. She wanted to, but she had to decline because of her fear of presenting in front of others.

When she made mistakes around other people, she was hard on herself and then got depressed.

After seeing a Global Media Outreach website, she reached out for spiritual growth and support. Barbara, her Online Missionary, prayed for Maureen to be filled with the Holy Spirit, rather than the Spirit of fear, based on 2 Timothy 1:7.

After the first prayer session, Maureen agreed to lead at her next retreat. She made a few errors but Maureen and Barbara prayed for the Lord to rule in her heart, mind, and mouth.

The next retreat went better for her. Maureen felt encouraged and God gave her strength to lead regularly and do it well.

Before long, she was asked to lead worship. She was terrified, but she wouldn't let fear stifle the gifts God gave her. She had a voice and she was determined to use it. Now, Maureen sings solos!

Seeing the Gospel online changed Maureen's life. She can be a witness to everyone around her because she's no longer scared to speak up.

She's even praying and reading Scripture daily. There's no more fear inside of her!

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