Lwengwa: Experiencing God’s Love in a Refugee Camp

Uprooted by Turmoil

Lwengwa’s life was plunged into turmoil when his country was caught up in civil war. He immediately fled to a refugee camp in Tanzania. Before then, he hadn't thought about his faith in years.

As he escaped from his country, he found himself thinking about God. In the middle of chaos at a Tanzanian refugee camp, he went online searching for peace.

A Love With No Bounds

That day he found a Gospel website made possible by people like you. He was moved!

Lwenga discovered that God's love extends even to the war-weary souls at a refugee camp. Now, he uses all of the tools that you make possible to support his growth in Christ. He says they sustain him in his love of God. He writes regularly to his Online Missionary, Suzy, and asks for prayers.

Special Thanks to You

What a transformation! Lwengwa wants to tell everyone what God has done for him so all people know Jesus is Lord of the universe. He said:

"God saved even me, and the most important job in my life is to tell others what God has done."

Lwengwa said Global Media Outreach has blessed him and helped him grow in God's love by teaching him and walking with him in faith.

We hope you know the person he's really thanking is you.

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