Luke & Werner: No Longer Held Captive by the Devil

Can you imagine feeling like the devil had held you captive for three years? That’s just what Luke, 17-year-old from Nigeria, experienced as a prisoner to the spirit of lust. Peer pressure influenced him to lead a promiscuous lifestyle. Despite this, and while Luke was also addicted to online pornography, God reached out through one of Global Media Outreach’s sites on the Internet to call to him.

Luke testified, “I have found salvation through Now I am free in Jesus's Name!” He thanks God for saving him from sin.

Community Leader Tim encouraged Luke to “forget the past. Study God's Word to grow in grace.” Together, they celebrated the great freedom that the Lord allows us. Although Luke knows that he will face many challenges – he said that abstaining is difficult at his age – he’s been advised to gain strength from God’s Word and a Christian community.

Luke shared that this online message “has left an indelible mark.” He has chosen to leave his old life behind to enter into a covenant with God to live a pure lifestyle – to “never lie with a woman until I get married.” He trusts God's grace to help him and wrote, “I appreciate the effort of the GodLife team. Remain blessed.”

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